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The next Range Maintenance day of the year will be on Saturday June 30, 2018 from 8:00am to 12:00noon. Some of the older club members refer to this as a Work Party. If you consider hacking at things with garden tools to be a party, this is definitely one, big, happening celebration.

Although 20 workers are needed to meet the minimum staffing, more hands will not only make the work go more easily, but will also preserve the club’s sterling reputation as Go-Getters. Please sign-in with CRC volunteers at the trap range before you join the fray on the Lower Ranges.

Cold drinks will be provided to everyone throughout the morning and a bbq lunch will be served at the clubhouse at noon. In addition to a healthy appetite, please bring small sledge hammers, string trimmers (aka weed whackers), pruning tools, and rakes. Remember to lavishly apply sun block, don your most stylish hat, and a simply stunning gardening ensemble. If your hands are of the smooth, soft, white-collar variety (like your website editor), be sure to bring a good pair of gloves, too!


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