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Monthly Meeting – Thursday April 26, 2018…At The Greenhouse!

Beginning in April 2018, (this month), the club meetings have moved to the Upper Ranges! At 7:00pm, on the fourth THURSDAY of each month.

Join your fellow club members to chat about the club, to socialize, and to show off your latest gun purchases! Depending on the weather, the meetings will be held either in the picnic area outside the Greenhouse, or the meeting room inside.

The Gopher Flats Sportsmen’s Club

The Gopher Flats Sportsmen’s Club (GFSC) is a great place for Shotgun, Practical Shooting, and High-Power Rifle matches in a safe and enjoyable environment. The fourth Saturday of each month is a day of organized matches, informal target shoots, and a club barbeque.

Practical Shooting: Twice each month, GFSC and the Southwest Pistol League (SWPL) present practical shooting matches: On the fourth Saturday, an SCSA-sanctioned Steel Challenge match; On the fourth Sunday, a USPSA-sanctioned Handgun & Pistol Caliber Carbine Match. The matches are open to members of all the clubs at our range, and to the public. For centerfire fans (semi-auto, revolver, and pistol-caliber carbine) and rimfire enthusiasts (handgun and rifle) with a taste for running and gunning, this is the chance to experience the thrill of practical shooting on your home range.

High-Power Rifle: On the fourth Saturday of each month, GFSC hosts a morning rifle match in the NRA National Match format…without the long journey to Camp Perry! Bring out the old battle rifles, iron sights, and leather slings. This is precision shooting the NRA way. Immediately following each match, the rifle range opens for solo practice, scope sighting for upcoming hunts, and the simple joy of long-range shooting.

Shotgun: Each Thursday morning, retirees, the idle rich, and anyone lucky enough to have a day off from work, enjoy an informal Trap match. Later in the day, daytime worker-bees and those who enjoy sleeping-in, partake of evening Trap and Skeet matches. And, on the fourth Saturday of each month, there’s all the Trap you can stand. Bring lots of shells and an appetite for lunch!