Practical Shooting

The Southwest Pistol League, the Practical Shooting division of the Gopher Flats Sportsmen’s Club, is a member of The United States Practical Shooting Association and The Steel Challenge Shooting Association.


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Welcome To Practical Shooting!
The Southwest Pistol League (SWPL) is the originator of Practical Shooting. Each month, SWPL hosts a USPSA Handgun & Pistol Caliber Carbine Match and an SCSA Steel Challenge Match open to members of all the clubs at our range and to the general public.

USPSA Handgun & Pistol Caliber Carbine Matches
Unlike traditional target shooting…where competitors stand sedately at the firing line and take one-handed aim at a static bulls-eye target…in USPSA Handgun & Pistol Caliber Carbine Matches, you’ll draw from a holster or pluck a handgun from a table (or raise a carbine from the low-ready), then walk, run, crawl, dive, and climb through varying and challenging courses to hit cardboard and steel targets. Those targets could be completely exposed, partially hidden, completely hidden, or moving. Visit the SWPL Handgun & Pistol Caliber Carbine Match Page to learn how you can shoot, move, reload, and shoot more! Contact the USPSA Match Director for more information.

SCSA Steel Challenge Matches
If you prefer the audible feedback of ringing steel targets, and nothing but steel targets, the SCSA Steel Challenge Match is the fastest shooting competition of all. You can choose to shoot the match with a centerfire handgun, a rimfire handgun, or a rimfire rifle. The courses are standardized and the same at every match. But, that doesn’t make the Steel Challenge easy. You’ll want to go fast…and the Steel Challenge will let you go as fast as you can miss. Or, are you a steely-eyed, precision shooting machine? Try it and see why the Steel Challenge always looks the same, but your scores won’t be! Visit the SWPL Steel Challenge Page to learn how to shoot steel, and nothing but steel! Contact the Steel Challenge Match Director for more information.

The 2017 SWPL Match Schedule
EventDate Results** Notes
1January 15 Steel Challenge – First Match of the New Year
2January 29 USPSA – Lionel Tan Memorial Match
3February 12 Steel Challenge
4February 26 USPSA – Match Canceled Due to Rain and Mud
5March 12 Steel Challenge
6March 26 USPSA
7April 9 Steel Challenge
8April 22 USPSA – April Bonus Match (Rain-Rain-Go-Away…Come Again Another Day!)
9April 23 USPSA
10May 14 Steel Challenge
11May 28 USPSA
12June 11 Steel Challenge
13June 25 USPSA – The SWPL 300 Match
14July 9 Steel Challenge – Match Canceled
15July 23 USPSA
16August 26 Steel Challenge – (New Match Day) The Fourth Saturday of Each Month
17August 27 USPSA
18September 23 Steel Challenge
19September 24 USPSA
20October 28 Steel ChallengeMATCH Canceled
21October 29 USPSA
22November 25 Steel Challenge Last Match For 2017
23November 26 USPSA Last Match for 2017
24December 23 Happy Festivus!

** In early 2016, a bug in the match results section of the USPSA website, displayed many shooter classifications as “U” (unclassified). The official results received by USPSA, however, include the correct classifications and you can view the raw match results on the Practiscore website.

SWPL Announcements

Logo of the Steel Challenge Shooting Association.pngMonthly SWPL Steel Challenge Match
On the Fourth Saturday of each month, SWPL hosts a SCSA sanctioned Steel Challenge Match. As you’ve come to expect for a USPSA match, scoring is on the Practiscore App. Please remember to install the Practiscore App on your Apple iOS or Android devices. Then, visit the SWPL Steel Challenge Page to learn how to shoot steel, and nothing but steel! Contact the Steel Challenge Match Director for more information.

uspsaMonthly SWPL USPSA Handgun & Pistol Caliber Carbine Match
On the Fourth Sunday of each month, SWPL hosts a USPSA sanctioned handgun match. The matches are entirely scored using Practiscore and paper score sheets are a quaint artifact of a bygone era. Please remember to install the Practiscore App on your Apple iOS or Android devices, or risk becoming an artifact yourself.

Fellow luddites! Stage scoring at SWPL is now paperless. You’ll need a new-fangled smartphone or tablet to score your stages. Install the (Free) Practiscore App for your Apple iPhone or iPad, or your Android phone or tablet. While there will be a local WiFi network to connect with the Match Tablet, there is no Internet access. So download Practiscore before match day, then experiment with the App and become familiar with it. After signing-in at the registration table, you’ll download the stage files from the Match Tablet. Enter your squad members and scores on each stage, and when you’ve completed the match, send your scores to the Match Tablet. If you don’t install the App, you will have to join a squad where someone has already done so. Again, please install Practiscore on your phone or tablet before arriving at the match.

You’ll find the matches at the Lower Ranges of The Gopher Flats Sportsman’s Club. These are the first set of ranges, on the right-hand side of the access road. Enter the gate and park between the pistol berms and the registration area. If you reach the card-key gate at the end of the access road, you’ve passed the Lower Ranges. Sorry, entry to the property beyond the card-key gate is prohibited, even if the gate is unlocked. Parking for the matches is limited to the fenced area within the Lower Ranges and the adjacent overflow parking area. Please do not park along the access road.

swpl_map  Click Here For Detailed Directions To The Matches

There are separate restrooms for Men and Women, running water, a covered registration/dining area with electrical outlets, and shade on each stage.

SWPL Documents
Applications, Receipts, Other Old-Fashioned Bits Of Paper.

SWPL Match Receipt

SWPL Membership Application