SWPL Past Champions



Each year, the Southwest Pistol League awards trophies to league members who accumulate the highest scores in each division of the SWPL Points Race. Some of the past winners of these divisions are well-known in Practical Pistol shooting and have risen to fame as professional competitive shooters or legends in the firearms industry. Others are just starting out in Practical Pistol shooting and are thrilled to share a web page with the Big Names. SWPL offers you the chance for your Fifteen Minutes Of Fame and a permanent place on a SWPL Champions trophy. Just join SWPL, pick a division (Open, Limited, Limited-10, Production, Revolver, or Single-Stack), and shoot as many of the monthly SWPL matches as you can. The odds are good that you’ll be a SWPL Champion.

The SWPL Points Race Q & A

Q: What the heck is the SWPL Points Race?
A: Before there was IPSC or USPSA, there was the Southwest Pistol League. It’s
where practical pistol started. Since 1963, SWPL has awarded a Perpetual Trophy for
the League winner. Some of the great names in our sport have their names on our
trophy such as John Plahn, Ray Chapman, Al Nichols, Mike Dalton, Mickey Fowler,
Buck Toddy and currently Taran Butler. This trophy is presented to the Open Division
Winner. In 1991, SWPL added Limited and in 2001, Limited-10, Production, and Revolver
were added. 2006 saw the addition of Single Stack.

Q: How does it work?
A: In the days of yore, you had to be a member of the Southwest Pistol League to be
able to shoot. Now, anyone can shoot our matches, but only members are eligible for
the points. You are awarded points for your placing in your division (Open, Limited, Limited-
10, Production, Revolver, Single Stack) at every match. 1st Place is worth 12 points, 2nd
Place is worth 10 points, 3rd Place is worth 9 points and so on down to 10th Place which
is worth 2 points. We usually have 11 matches a year and your best 7 of 11 matches
are counted. This way, if you miss a match or two, you’re not SOL. Some years due to
weather we shoot fewer matches and the requirement is adjusted.

Q: How do I join?
A: If you are a member of one of the five clubs at our range, you are automatically a
member. You can also join the Southwest Pistol League for $25.00 per year. Not only
are you entered in the Points Race, but you get a match discount of $5.00 at regular
monthly matches. It pays to join.

Q: Do I have to join in January?
A: Nope. You can join anytime during the year. You’ll get credit for your points for the
entire year and once you join, you’ll get the match discount for the rest of the year.


Southwest Pistol League Past Champions

Presented by Dave Marcinkus In Memory Of Nelson Dymond


YearOpen Limited Limited-10 Production Revolver Single-Stack Pistol Caliber Carbine
2010Taran Butler Taran Butler Gary Miyahara Gary Chan Gary Miyahara Scott Toland
2011Taran Butler Taran Butler Jon Birdt Eric Ganac Derek Alderton Joshua Leopold
2012Taran Butler Taran Butler Gary Chan Avrell Santos Frank Bray Jorge Zamora
2013Taran Butler Taran Butler Andrew G Gary Chan Derek Alderton Lito DeLeon
2014Taran Butler Taran Butler Glenn Calvin Gary Chan Derek Alderton Matt Bunning
2015Taran Butler Taran Butler John Kleespies Gary Chan Derek Alderton Matt Bunning
2016Taran Butler Taran Butler Laurence Gurule Gary Chan Derek Alderton Matt Bunning
2017Taran Butler Taran Butler 3-way tie: Pete Levakis/Tyrone Sikay/Andrew G Scott Carmody Derek Alderton Matt Bunning Ross Deane

YearOpen Limited Limited-10 Production Revolver Single-Stack
2000Taran Butler Taran Butler
2001Taran Butler John Richling Fred Saginario Bruno Rony Paul McCallum
2002Taran Butler John Richling Alan Degasis John DeAnda Ray Lawrence
2003Taran Butler Chris Perez Bill Diamond Chris Perez Ray Lawrence
2004Taran Butler Chris Perez Randy Pizarro John Flentz Randy Pizarro
2005Taran Butler Chris Perez Bill Diamond Gary Miyahara Nelson Dymond
2006Taran Butler Dave Cutts Gary Miyahara Eric Ganac Gary Miyahara James Bina
2007Taran Butler Chris Perez Gary Miyahara Eric Ganac Ky-won Lee Gary Dalton
2008Taran Butler Chris Perez Gary Miyahara Eric Ganac (None) (None)
2009Taran Butler Taran Butler Gary Miyahara Gary Chan Gary Miyahara Scott Toland

YearOpen Limited
1990Chris Horii
1991Lance Karafelas
1992Dave Gentzvein
1993Dave Gentzvein Dave Gentzvein
1994Dave Gentzvein Peter Diaz
1995Ron Filho Rob Hauck
1996Josh Noblin Dave Gentzvein
1997Michael Setting Taran Butler
1998Taran Butler Taran Butler
1999Taran Butler Taran Butler

1980Mike Dalton
1981Mickey Fowler
1982Mike Dalton
1983Mickey Fowler
1984Jim Zubiena
1985Mike Dalton
1986J Bartel
1987Marc Senate
1988Jim Zubiena
1989Marc Senate

1970Ray Chapman
1971Al Nichols
1972Leonard Knight
1973Al Nichols
1974Leonard Knight
1975Al Nichols
1976Leonard Knight
1977Mike Dalton
1978Mike Dalton
1979Mickey Fowler

1963John Plahn
1964Ray Chapman
1965Al Nichols
1966Buck Toddy
1967Ray Chapman
1968Al Nichols
1969Al Nichols