Etiquette And Range Schedules

Nag, Nag, Nag (Because We All Forget Sometimes)
Always Check-In With The Rangemaster
When visiting the ranges on a NON-Gopher Flats day, ALWAYS check in with the rangemaster at either the trap range, the clubhouse, or the skeet range. If these areas are empty, please make an effort to find members of the club running the range that day (or one of the volunteers working on the ranges), tell them that you are a Gopher Flats member, and ask if you may shoot on one of the unused ranges. Anyone who can not present a current club membership card, will be denied access and asked to leave. On Gopher Flats days, please remember to be gracious and to share any unused ranges with members of the other clubs.

Help Preserve The Rifle Range Berms
While the 300-yard berm remains closed, the 50-, 100-, and 200-yard berms are still available. When you’re out there practicing to be the next Top Shot, PLEASE! shoot only at paper targets mounted in the permanent steel frames or in stands that raise the targets above the berms. Shooting into the berms or at objects on the berm faces will weaken and collapse the berms.

For sources of commercial target stands and frames, instructions on how to build your own stands and frames, or to learn to shoot/raise/lower/pull/score targets on the steel frames The National Match Way, email Tom Temple.

Keep Those Ranges Sparkling
Did you know that the ranges, buildings, and roads are maintained entirely by volunteers? That’s right, there are no paid maintenance staff. So, after an epic day breaking clay, accumulating perfect rifle scores, and clocking record pistol times, please remember to tidy-up your range and empty the trash barrels. Add a trash can liner to the gear in your shooting bag, or use that Big Ole’ Pick’em-Up-Truck to haul the trash barrels to the dumpster. In addition to leaving a clean range for the next group, you get to keep all the brass you find!


Upper Ranges Schedule

Weekends: Each club has an entire weekend or a portion of a weekend set aside for its exclusive use. During these times, only members and guests of those clubs should be on the ranges. Beginning with the first full weekend of each month:

Weekend One – (Saturday and Sunday) Crescenta Valley Sportsmen’s Club

Weekend Two – (Saturday and Sunday) Canyon Oak Sportsman’s Club

Weekend Three – (Saturday and Sunday) Panorama Sportsmen’s Club

Weekend Four – (Saturday) Gopher Flats Sportsmen’s Club

Weekend Four – (Sunday) San Fernando Valley Sportsmen’s Club

Months with a fifth weekend are assigned to clubs for barbeques or special matches, or are reserved for Range Maintenance. On a Range Maintenance day, shooting is not allowed on any of the ranges for the entire day.

Weekdays: During the week, the clubs have days set aside for their exclusive use. But, because the ranges are rarely full, members of all clubs generally share the ranges. Permission to use a range on a non-Gopher Flats day should always be sought from the supervising Rangemaster, who can found on either the Trap or Skeet ranges. Be prepared to show your current club membership card to the Rangemaster. Occasionally, some of the ranges are rented to trainers or to police departments. During these times, there may be no ranges available for use.

Monday – Crescenta Valley Sportsmen’s Club

Tuesday – Canyon Oak Sportsman’s Club

Wednesday – Panorama Sportsmen’s Club

Thursday – Gopher Flats Sportsmen’s Club

Friday – San Fernando Valley Sportsmen’s Club


Lower Ranges Schedule

Weekends: Unless the lower ranges are reserved for exclusive use by a single club, the lower ranges are generally closed during weekends for maintenance.

Weekend Two – (Sunday) Gopher Flats Sportsmen’s Club, SCSA Steel Challenge match.

Weekend Four – (Saturday) Gopher Flats Sportsmen’s Club, set-up for the USPSA handgun match.
Weekend Four – (Sunday) Gopher Flats Sportsmen’s Club, USPSA match presented by the Southwest Pistol League. These matches are open to members of all clubs and to the public.

Weekdays: The lower ranges are rented to private groups, trainers, police departments, or Film and TV productions during weekdays and are not available for club use. Inquiries about renting the lower ranges, can be sent to the club officers for the insurance requirements, scheduling, and rental rates.