Monthly Range Day: Saturday July 22, 2017

Plan on summer weather, but come prepared for any eventuality by dressing in layers and bringing your favorite warm weather beverage. Haul out your gear, pack the range bag, then encourage your family and friends to join you for a day of Trap or Skeet, Shotgun Steel, Rimfire Steel, Centerfire handgun, and Rifle fun.

The monthly Trap and Skeet shoots will be in full-swing at 9:00am. (Depending on the availability of rangemasters.) These are completely informal club matches, with no barrel length or action-type limitations. You don’t even need to wear a fancy trap-shooting outfit. Bring any sort of scattergun you own and give those pesky clay birds something to worry about.

The High Power rifle shooters host a 200-yard match from 8:00am-12Noon. So, bring a centerfire rifle and join the fun. Iron sights (and nerves of steel) are all you’ll need for this kind of shooting. Or, meander over after the match for casual plinking.

At noon, the monthly BBQ lunch takes place at the clubhouse. Join your fellow club members for a sociable and tasty time under the shade of the old oak trees.