USPSA Handgun & Pistol Caliber Carbine Match – April 29, 2018

On the fourth Sunday of each month, the match is presented by GFSC and the Southwest Pistol League (SWPL) and offers a plethora of moving steel and a tempting array of cardboard targets. Scoring has transitioned from paper to the Practiscore App , which runs on Apple iOS and Android devices. In addition to a smartphone or tablet, you’ll about 200 rounds to complete the match, and, as always, your most comfortable run-and-gun shoes. Visit the Practical Shooting page for details on the monthly matches.

If you’re consumed by a burning desire to become the world’s quickest and most agile handgun (or pistol caliber carbine) shooter, visit USPSA Match Director Dave Marcinkus and other GFSC members in the sign-in area at the Lower Ranges between 8:00am and 1:00pm. There’s never a charge to tour the stages and ogle the action. Remember to bring eye- and hearing-protection. If the action starts your blood pumping and you decide to shoot the match, Gopher Flats members receive a $5.00 discount on the $30.00 match fee.

Extra hands, feet, and brains (for concocting deviously clever stage designs) are always welcome at the monthly matches. If you can design stages, build stages, or break-down stages, please join the SWPL match crew. Club members get work credit for helping with the matches, discounted match fees, and lots of free advice on gear and match strategy. If you can help, please chat with Dave the week before the match.