Range Safety

Shooting Ranges, by necessity, have rules to keep everyone safe. On the ranges of the Gopher Flats Sportsmen’s Club (GFSC), these rules are common to all members and their guests, and apply at all matches, to all range rental groups, and during all informal shooting sessions. The range rules are spelled-out in the range Standard Operating Procedures compiled and wielded by our Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO). But, unlike other shooting ranges you may have visited, the CRSO isn’t a crew-cut, eye-patched, retired Drill Sergeant with scary tattoos. Instead, our CRSO is an easy-going Hollywood guy who prefers Tropical Shirts and decidedly un-military haircuts. But, safety is still paramount at the GFSC. So, please read and follow the safety rules and check this page often for announcements and the musings of CRSO Mike Farrow.

A Quick Summary Of Range Safety Rules

Range Procedures and Safety Rules In Great Detail (Under Review By The Club Attorney)


Safety Announcements

It’s Official, Mike Farrow Is The New Chief RSO


Shoot Only At Approved Targets

Simply put, approved targets are paper, cardboard and, within certain limitations, steel.  We have had several instances of  use of dangerous targets that could cause ricochets, sparks or splatter.  Also some items could leave behind dangerous debris like broken glass or sharp edges on aluminum cans.  We have also had extensive (expensive) damage to our physical infrastructure caused by shooting at metal posts and the drainage control waddles on the Lower-Ranges.  Let’s take care of the range and keep everyone safe.

There has been an increase in the use of unsafe targets on both the Upper- and Lower-Ranges. Steel targets have been hit at close range, with a rifle, on one of the pistol ranges. Also, large rocks have been moved onto the Lower-Ranges and used as targets. If you see this kind of behavior, on any of the ranges, please contact Mike Farrow. If possible, please note the license plates of those responsible.


Get Some First Aid Training!

GFSC members are encouraged to take First Aid/CPR training, as the closest LA County Fire Department station is near Dexter Park on Kagel Canyon Boulevard. In the event of an
emergency on the range, there is limited cell phone reception near the card-key gate to the Upper-Ranges, at the foot of P3, at the foot of P4, and at the check-in area at the Lower-Ranges. Failing that, landlines are located:

1. Upper-Ranges: Trap Field

2. Lower-Ranges: Women’s Restroom


Musings Of The Chief RSO

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