USPSA Match – February 28, 2016

The next USPSA handgun match will be on Sunday February, 28, 2016 and will offer an array of moving steel and fiendishly hard-to-hit paper targets. Scoring has transitioned from paper to the Practiscore App , which runs on Apple iOS and Android devices. In addition to a smartphone or tablet, you’ll about 200 rounds to complete the match, and, as always, your most comfortable run-and-gun shoes.

If you’ve never entered a practical shooting match, yet are consumed by a burning desire to become the world’s most agile handgun shooter, visit Match Director Dave Marcinkus and other GFSC members in the sign-in area at the lower ranges between 8:00am and 1:00pm. There’s never a charge to tour the stages and ogle the action. Remember to bring eye- and hearing-protection. If the action starts your blood pumping and you decide to shoot the match, Gopher Flats members receive a $5.00 discount on the $30.00 match fee.

Extra hands, feet, backs, and smiles are always needed to set-up and break-down the match stages. You’ll get club work credit for helping with the matches…and lots of free advice on gear and match strategy. If you can help, please chat with Dave before Sunday morning.

Monthly Range Day: Saturday February 27, 2016

This month’s club range day will be on Saturday February 27. 2016. With the winter season in full stride and El Nino storms on the way, it will be cold and possibly wet. So, dress in layers and bring your favorite cold weather beverages. If you still haven’t tried those Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus gifts at the range, this will be a great time to haul them out. Pack your range bag, then usher your family and friends into the car for a day of Trap or Skeet, Shotgun Steel, Rimfire Steel, Centerfire handgun, and Rifle fun.

The monthly Trap and Skeet shoots will be in full-swing at 9:00am. (Depending on the availability of rangemasters.) These are completely informal club matches, with no barrel length or action-type limitations. You don’t even need to wear a fancy trap-shooting outfit. Bring any sort of scattergun you own and give those pesky clay birds something to worry about.

The Shotgun Steel shoot is in the style of the shotgun portions of multi-gun matches. Any kind of shotgun will do. Like Practical Pistol matches, you’ll need lots of ammo: birdshot for the steel targets and slugs or buckshot for the paper targets. The Shotgun Steel shoot is held in the Lower Ranges, in pistol bay 6, next to the restroom and storage buildings.

The Rimfire Steel shoot begins at 9:00am on P3. Here’s where new shooters can learn firearms safety and proper firearms handling from experienced shooters. Then, they can join the fun, blazing away at an array of steel targets.

The High Power rifle shooters host a 200-yard match from 8:00am-Noon. So, bring a rifle and join the fun. Or, meander over after the match for casual plinking.

At noon, the monthly BBQ lunch takes place at the clubhouse. Join your fellow club members for a sociable and tasty time under the shade of the old oak trees.

The Gopher Flats Sportsmen’s Club

The Gopher Flats Sportsmen’s Club (GFSC)

The GFSC is a great place to shoot Trap, Skeet, Practical Pistol, Rimfire Steel, and High-Power Rifle matches in a safe and enjoyable environment. The fourth Saturday of each month is a day of organized matches, informal target shoots, and a club barbeque.

Practical Pistol: On the fourth Sunday of each month, the Southwest Pistol League and GFSC present a USPSA Handgun Match that’s open to the public. For semi-auto and revolver fans with a taste for running and gunning, this is the chance to experience the thrill of practical pistol shooting.

High-Power Rifle: On the fourth Sunday of each month, GFSC hosts a morning rifle match in the NRA-Style National Match format. Bring out the old battle rifles, iron sights, and leather slings. This is precision shooting the NRA way. Immediately following each match, the rifle range opens for solo practice, scope sighting for upcoming hunts, and the simple joy of long-range shooting.

Rimfire Steel: On the fourth Saturday of each month, GFSC offers a non-competitive steel target shoot for .22 handguns and rifles of all types. Even those with no previous shooting experience can join the rimfire shooters for their first exposure to shooting.

Trap and Skeet: For retirees, the idle rich, and anyone lucky enough to have a day off from work, there’s weekday morning trap. For daytime worker-bees and those who enjoy sleeping-in, there’s evening Trap and Skeet. And, on the fourth Saturday of each month, there’s all the Trap you can stand. Bring lots of shells and an appetite for lunch!

Shotgun Steel Shoot: This is a multi-gun style shotgun fun match for absolutely any kind of shotgun. Long barrel, short barrel, pump action, lever action, semiauto, even double-barrel, if you dare. You’ll need bird shot for the steel targets, and buck shot or slugs for any cardboard targets that sneak onto the stages. There will be five, or six, stages of five targets each. The targets will be a mix of knock-down, swinging, twisting, or swinging steel plates. If you never miss, you’ll only need one box of shells. But, maybe a few extra boxes would be in order.

Bridge Construction Coming Soon

During your drive along the access road, please be extra careful near the old bridge. Permits and planning are nearly complete for the new bridge, and there may be survey crews moving about. So, please drive slowly and try to refrain from attempting any “Dukes Of Hazard” jumps in the work area.

Weekday Range Days – Thursdays, Again

Monday range days have reverted to the Crescenta Valley Sportsmen’s Club. So, Thursdays are again the sole weekday range day for the club. As always, if you decide to shoot on a non-club day, please check-in with the rangemaster of the supervising club. Don’t forget to have any guests sign the supervising club’s Liability Waiver and make sure to empty the trash bins on your range when you leave.