USPSA Handgun & Pistol Caliber Carbine Matches

The Southwest Pistol League, the Practical Shooting division of the Gopher Flats Sportsmen’s Club, is a member of The United States Practical Shooting Association and The Steel Challenge Shooting Association.


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Welcome To Practical Shooting!
The Southwest Pistol League (SWPL) is the originator of Practical Shooting. Each month, SWPL hosts a USPSA Handgun & Pistol Caliber Carbine Match open to members of all the clubs at our range and to the general public.

USPSA Handgun & Pistol Caliber Carbine Matches
In USPSA Shooting, you’ll draw your handgun from a holster or pluck it from a table (or raise your pistol caliber carbine from the low-ready), then walk, run, crawl, dive, and climb through varying and challenging courses to hit cardboard and steel targets. You can…Stand still. Go slow. Go fast. Go left. Go right. Sit. Stand on one foot. Stand on the other foot. Hop. Kneel. Reload. Don’t Reload. Change hands. Anything goes…as long as safety rules protecting the shooter, officials, and observers are followed. With few restrictions on how targets can be engaged, it’s up to each competitor how to complete a stage. If merely hitting targets wasn’t enough…all courses are timed. If you haven’t tried practical shooting before, it’s an entirely different game. You’ll need a revolver or semiauto handgun, a holster, (or pistol caliber carbine and carbine bag or sling), spare magazines or moon clips or speedloaders…and lots of ammo! Here’s How to get started in practical shooting the USPSA way.

SWPL’s 2018 Handgun & Pistol Caliber Carbine Match Schedule
EventDate Results** Notes
1January 28 USPSA – Canceled due to high winds
2February 25 Results USPSA – First Match of the New Year
3March 25 Results USPSA
4April 29 USPSA
5May 27 USPSA
6June 24 USPSA
7July 29 USPSA
8August 26 USPSA
9September 23 USPSA
10October 28 USPSA
11November 25 USPSA Last Match for 2018
12December 23 Happy Festivus!


SWPL USPSA Announcements


USPSA Match – Sunday April 29, 2018
On the fourth Sunday of each month, SWPL hosts a USPSA sanctioned handgun & pistol caliber carbine match. Paper score sheets are a quaint artifact of a bygone era and scoring is done entirely in Practiscore. Please remember to install the Practiscore App on your Apple iOS or Android devices, or risk becoming an artifact yourself.

Drive Slowly, Save A Life, Save The Match
Please slow near the commercial truck yard at the start of the range access road. To prevent collisions with the large trucks and heavy equipment using the yard (crash! crunch! ouch!), All Traffic Must Slow To 10mph. Please, slow before entering the access road, deepen your breathing, steady your nerves for the match. Slow, Smooth, Calm. (Here’s where it gets loud again…) Otherwise, the truck yard will close their gate to the access road…and there will never again be another match. The 10mph speed limit now applies to the range access road, too. So, mosey along parders and…Happy Trails To Youuuuuuu

Administrivia – Fun New Paperwork
The property owners require SWPL to maintain a daily sign-in log in addition to the annual releases from everyone visiting the range. This will delay your start a bit, but think of the fun you’ll have after you drop your pen and grab up your gun. As all signatures must be legible, please practice your penmanship skills.

Fellow luddites! Stage scoring at SWPL is now paperless. You’ll need a new-fangled smartphone or tablet to score your stages. Install the (Free) Practiscore App for your Apple iPhone or iPad, or your Android phone or tablet. While there will be a local WiFi network to connect with the Match Tablet, there is no Internet access. So download Practiscore before match day, then experiment with the App and become familiar with it. After signing-in at the registration table, you’ll download the stage files from the Match Tablet. Enter your squad members and scores on each stage, and when you’ve completed the match, send your scores to the Match Tablet. If you don’t install the App, you will have to join a squad where someone has already done so. Again, please install Practiscore on your phone or tablet before arriving at the match.

Dress For The Weather
Morning temperatures at the SWPL ranges can dip into the 30’s F. Then, as the day progresses, temperatures can rise into the 60’s F to 90’s F.  Prepare for the varying conditions by dressing in layers and bring a supply of (hot and) cold beverages. Then, hop-hop-hop, skip-skip-skip, jump-jump-jump through six invigorating stages of paper and steel. Afterward, reward yourself with large doses of SWPL’s terrific food! As usual, there will be a USPSA Classifier stage. So, zip through the stages early, then retire to the shade for refreshing drinks, convivial gun talk, and grilled treats by the SWPL grillmaster.

Fire, Brimstone, And Assorted Apocalyptic Conditions
It may sometimes be necessary to cancel a match due to fire, smoke, or other apocalyptic conditions. In the event of a cancellation, updates will be posted here.

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Visit SWPL On Facebook
If you’re a fan of social networks, please visit the SWPL Facebook Page and, to quote The Big Shooterist, “share the page with your vast social media universe”.



The SWPL Points Race And Past SWPL Champions
Since 1963, SWPL shooters have competed to win the League Championship. Among the past SWPL champions are familiar names featured online, in film and TV, magazines and books, and who compete throughout the country in USPSA and internationally in IPSC matches. And, there are mere mortals, as well. Join the annual SWPL Points Race to take your place among the famous and the soon-to-be-famous.

You’ll find the matches at the Lower Ranges of The Gopher Flats Sportsman’s Club. These are the first set of ranges, on the right-hand side of the access road. Enter the gate and park between the pistol berms and the registration area. If you reach the card-key gate at the end of the access road, you’ve passed the Lower Ranges. Sorry, entry to the property beyond the card-key gate is prohibited, even if the gate is unlocked. Parking for the matches is limited to the fenced area within the Lower Ranges and the adjacent overflow parking area. Please do not park along the access road.

swpl_map  Click Here For Detailed Directions To The Matches

There are separate restrooms for Men and Women, running water, a covered registration/dining area with electrical outlets, and shade on each stage.

Food & Beverages
Named in honor of “Uncle Mike” Agoncillo, SWPL’s long-time grill empresario, production of Uncle Mike’s Pork Skewers continues along with other delectable BBQ entrees. These are served throughout the match, along with icy cold Bottled Water, Gatorade, and Soft Drinks. Stop by for a between-stages snack, a belly filling lunch, or just to talk guns with your fellow competitors.

Start & End Times
As always, once registration opens about 8:00 am, you are welcome to start shooting. Due to time constraints, stage tear-down starts at 1:00 pm. If you plan to arrive late or if you run stages in an exceptionally leisurely manner…um, shoot fast. All the stages are broken-down and every piece of gear stowed after each match, which requires quite a bit of time. So, please help the match crew and your fellow competitors by moving through the stages as quickly and safely as possible. Then, remember to sync your scores to with the Match Tablet before leaving. You remembered to install the Practiscore App on your phone or tablet, right?

Match Fees
If you are a member of one of the five clubs at our range, you are automatically a member of the Southwest Pistol League. You can also join SWPL directly for $25.00 per year. Not only are you entered in the SWPL Points Race, but you receive a discount of $5.00 at regular monthly matches.

SWPL Members $30.00

Non-Members     $35.00

Last Minute Changes & Cancellations
While the SWPL crew is a hardy bunch, sneering at mere weather, sometimes Mother Nature gains the upper hand. During the rainy season and especially when the Weather Service issues Red Flag (brush fire) Warnings, check here after 6:00pm on Saturday.

SWPL Sponsors
When you shop for gear and accessories, please remember to support the firms who support Practical Shooting and SWPL, in particular.

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